some of my "oldies"

With my VW 412 E Variant on tour to spain Offroad in the spanish mountains.
Vw Type 3 1500 S, y.o.c. 1965 2 x VW Type 3 Variant, y.o.c 1972 u. 1973
Opel Blitz 1,75 t, y.o.c. 1955 Type 375 before restauration' after 8 years lying in a swamp
pretty mouldered first abraised, primed and coated
reconditioning of all parts of the breaks all electric aggregates, gear box and cardan shaft had to be reconditioned
the engine had to be restored too valves
cylinder head engine block
just a new oil pan sealing the engine grows together
difficult to reinstall the engine with primitiv resources nearly done
the result is worth the trouble !

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